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J2 fanfic recommendation community

.The Community:
Welcome to j2_rec. You love Jared Padalecki? You love Jensen Ackles? You love reading good fics about them but just hate going through hundreds of fics to find a few good ones? And in addition to all of that you're also looking for fics that have the same theme or rating?
Well then, welcome, you found the right place! For more info read this. For now, only the mods will be able to post to this community. We'll probably need some help in the future, but I guess, we gonna cross that bridge when we come to it.

.The Rules:
It's actually pretty simple. No fic bashing, no writer bashing, no mod bashing because your fic isn't recced! See? Easy!

.The Affiliates:
If you're the owner of another J2/Fanfiction community and want to affiliate with us please contact us! We'd love to affiliate with other comms :)

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.The Resources:
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